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Take courage and dream big

Eric Veldhoen writes in his book ‘The Art of Working’ his fascination with the idea that a building does something with people, not only its occupants but also those who have made it. You create something, and then the creation recreates the creator to some extend. He furthers saying that it’s been said that success can be limiting in that respect. You’re good at something, you are complimented on your work, and so you stay on the same path (called a ‘balancing loop’ in systems thinking). The opposite train of thought is equally true: you go of a certain direction, it turns out to be the right one, so you gain confidence and continue along that path( called a ‘reinforcing loop’ in systems thinking). The latter takes courage, trusting your instincts, and a suitable point of departure.

So … When it comes to ‘the Art of working’, better learn to unlearn. Take courage and dream big. Begin by listening to the client’s needs and use those to create the best point of departure for an exiting journey ahead✨😉

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