Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking

Compelling and from the heart, Irene engages people’s hearts and minds. She provides a thought provoking insight into how organisations need to lead in the 21st Century.

Her key messages on Leading by design are:

‘Design thinking”

The fundamental formula of leading by design is derived from having a flexible mind, from having not a constricted focus, but one that is expanded, and from having the awareness that there is often more than one way to tackle a problem.

“Whole Mind thinking ”

Balancing the analytical, intuitive, masculine and feminine aspects of our minds; then optimising the past, present and future to achieve goals.

To see irene in action delivering her key-note on the gifts of Female Leadership


Shifting our focus to a state of deep concentration, in which all thoughts, intentions, feelings and senses are focused on the same goal, is the state we need to reach. This is being in flow, and creates high performance.