Leading by designing the future together!

In praise

Having read Irene’s enlightening insight into decision making in the modern world I was immediately inspired to take on board her theories and to incorporate them into my thinking and life.

I have not been disappointed and am much more in tune with facing this complex and technological world. The highlight being able to use my decision making with Irene’s holistic approach.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a life committed to fulfillment.

Pamela Walker B.A. Hons B.S.W. M.A

Leading by Design by Irene von der Does de Willebois is a book that leads by its design, indeed. It is very creative both in its form and content, with refreshing and beautiful ideas and illustrations. One can relate to this book as to a person who is artistic and knowledgeable; a funny and wise advisor.

It is packed with important and psychologically potent concepts, for management and for the ordinary person on a journey. It guides us through many different systems, and organisational structures to show us a new creative way to think and to be.

This book opens up the possibility for life to be lived in a more emotionally-spiritually responsive, intuitively driven, and therefore more fulfilling way. The resilience and flexible responsiveness to the changing world comes from ‘design thinking’, a Journey of “taking ownership of who we are”.

Zsuzsa Barta Clin.Psych.

Leading by Design “making better decisions in a complex world”


In “Leading by Design” Irene van der Does de Willebois demonstrates that we are all fundamentally creative. She demonstrates that organisations where people are encouraged to use a creative lens as a tool can in fact thrive in a complex world. Their creativity enables adaptability and the flexibility to deal with change quickly.

Leading by Design is a practice and a methodology based on design thinking. A Design thinker is someone that looks at problems from every angle to create a whole perspective. Design thinkers use both, an ability to analyse and an ability to sense and be intuitive. They observe and empathise with their environment. They are constantly listening to picking up signals that could improve the environment they are a part of.

Irene demonstrates with examples and a vivid eye for the creative process how, when applied to leaders they are prepared, more flexible, develop a natural overview and make better informed decisions. It expands their sight and encourages desire to design strategy we all want.

What other people say:

“As Apple Inc soars to be the worlds largest company, and accounting firms such as Deloitte decide that “Design Thinking” will give them a competitive edge, there has never been more demand for leaders to come up with creative solutions to the myriad of challenges facing their world.” Mark Jones – Partner Whittle Consulting

“Huge clarity and insight into creative processes, the blocking role of the ego, the need to release the ego in order to step into the unknown. It released an epiphany around my own processes for which I am immensely grateful!” Megan Kerr – Publishing Oxford

For more information on design leadership: Sydney Morning Herald article ‘Sometimes solving life’s problems is better by design’, January 21-22: