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Design thinking Part 1

For anyone dealing with today’s complexities and change, it is essential to learn and allow yourself to be open to seeing different perspectives. To bombard your brain with things it has never encountered before is paramount to create a mind that is flexible. This does not come naturally, since our brain is trained and naturally gravitates to follow habitual patterns. In order to start seeing differently it is essential that we disrupt our habitual thought patterns?

One way of doing this is to tap into ‘silent spaces’, or the spaces in between thoughts. It’s been said that when you tap into these spaces, something called discontinuity occurs. What we have learned from the great creative minds is that they not only achieved this for themselves, but have opened the way and shown how others can achieve it often non-verbally through art and music.

How can we direct our energy to create the awareness of the silent spaces?

3 ways to start tapping into silent spaces today?

  1. Slow down your mind through some form of meditation
  2. Find a new way, a different way of doing a daily task
  3. Start a conversation with someone new, or a new conversation with someone you know by asking a question and just listen to what they’ve got to say.

Once you start to develop a daily practice of doing things differently, it can lead us to start to seeing things differently !too

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