Praise and Testimonials

“Irene is openly creative and has extraordinary energy. She excels in applying fresh ideas to ordinary practices. The result of the coaching was to provide me with clarity, presence and well-being. Her coaching gave me tools to reach these states, delivered in a fun, curiosity provoking way by a great coach”

Graham Bryce, CIO, Vodafone

“It’s her creative approach that does the trick”. On my journey to change my profession I met Irene; quite by accident! She told me about her passion for growing everybody’s creativity. And I thought: ‘let’s grow mine’. Irene raised my awareness. Her 9 step Process of Design thinking gave me insights and opened doors that had been closed for a long time. I found the inspiration to develop a totaly new business

Jelle Boelen, Entrepeneur, founder of Vitae Group The Netherlands

“Irene’s sessions provide clarity & presence, delivered in a fun, curiosity provoking way. As a result I am less reactive in my responses, more empowered to set boundaries in a non confrontationl way”.

Madeline Snelling Financial services – Sydney

“The techniques I learnt from Irene meant I am able to feel calm in the midst of conflict”

Katrina Briggs Project manager Australia

“Irene has assisted me to develop a completely new side of my business and way of working”

Bruce Message MD Premier Consulting

“I worked with Irene at the Heartworks, to help create and execute an innovation experiment to trial their bespoke methodology. I really enjoy her and in particular, her unique Dutch approach which is SO distinct from what you find in Australian or US innovation consultants. She truly works “from the heart”, and that resonated a lot for me with one of the most neglected aspects of what I call the “corporate consulting machine/ cookie-cutter” approach to innovation. Irene is a warm-hearted, values-driven and a very clever “no drama” woman and a pleasure to work with.”

Annalie (Wessels) Killian, Director (VP) Innovation, Communication & Online Collaboration at AMP Ltd