Design thinking for the future

In a recent blogpost for Veldhoen + Company a client of mine, I wrote about the process of Design thinking. …So, You did not solve it within the deadline. It is not clear why. You have a hunch why, but you cannot prove it. All eyes are focused on you, because it was your task to... Read More

How to harness the power of design thinking

Christian Ferreiro This article came from Written by Theo Chapman Design thinking has become the hot new trend that its proponents argue is the secret to successful business performance. Its adherents say design thinking allows a business to attain a kind of nirvana where it is able to routinely produce innovations to products, services or business systems... Read More

Leading and Innovation through Design Thinking

My latest publication in the JUNE CEO magazine is about: How CEOS solve problems and react to change filters down through an organisation to form a clear culture. What do your reactions say about you? In an increasingly complex world, the way we work and interact in the workplace is constantly changing. As a result,... Read More

Agile organisations can adapt quickly

I was curiously reading  The warning  of  Silicon Valley, making the same mistake as bankers!  in the FT a few weeks ago. Today I read that some adapt quickly… Pls read this article from the FT on how Google launched Youtube subscription

Disruptive thinking

I was honoured to be able to contribute, together with some of the leading thinkers on the topic, to this well written article by Emily Ross on creative thinking for the HR Monthly.  It shines another light on the importance of encouraging to apply creative thinking in business. It reminds me of an article I read in Mc kinsey &... Read More

Living on Your Own Terms?

“People can be happy only in one way, and that is if they are authentically themselves. Then the springs of happiness start flowing; they become more alive, they become a joy to see, a joy to be with; they are a song, they are a dance.” – Osho Why leading by design? The core disciples... Read More

In Praise of

Having read Irene’s enlightening insight into decision making in the modern world I was immediately inspired to take on board her theories and to incorporate them into my thinking and life. I have not been disappointed and am much more in tune with facing this complex and technological world. The highlight being able to use... Read More

Design thinking

Published October 8 3 ways thinking creatively can help your business Changing the way you think can help you to approach old problems in new ways and be more innovative and customer-centric than your Competitors…  

BRW letter to the editor Sept 06

COACHED IN SECRECY Reading Leo D’Angelo Fisher’s recent column, “Blowing the whistle on coaches” (BRW, August 23-29), I was reminded of the dichotomy between coaching for athletes and for executives. We recently celebrated our Olympic heroes’ success in London. While these athletes represent the top of their fields, we take it as a given that they will receive coaching, guidance and support throughout their careers. Executives... Read More


To perceive things differently, it is essential that we bombard our brains with things it has never encountered. One way of doing this is to tap into ‘silent spaces’, or the spaces in between thoughts. It’s been said that when you tap into these spaces, something called discontinuity occurs. Discontinuity brings quantum moments. All the... Read More


Have you ever felt as if you’ve had all of the right elements to tackle a problem, but have still been unable to resolve it? Making the right use of elements at our disposal is key, as chaos and complexity often result when efficiency is replaced by apathy. So what do we need to do... Read More


According to Hans Korteweg, “To take the chance and shift ourselves from that place of resistance to a place of flow is merely a change in focus”. We often like to control the natural processes around us in an effort to take the short cut. This is hazardous for the simple reason that we often... Read More

The Future

At the start of every creative process is our ability to imagine the future. To create material for our vision of the future, we need to work out our purpose, which is, for most, lying dormant inside of us, behind the big walls of our defence system. True visionary leaders have realised and confronted their... Read More

The Present

When we become present and aware of ourselves and what drives us, we can become part of a constructive team. The only way to develop an authentic way of looking at the world, to become the observer and the participator all at once, to become more present, is to develop the inner observer. When we... Read More

The Past

Our purpose lies within us, covered by layers that represent our experiences, often negative, that have roots in our past. When we find it difficult to realise our true purpose, we are barred from our inner self by these layers. The causes of this disconnect are therefore always connected to our past. The fixed and... Read More

Struck by light

Now and again we encounter experiences of total authenticity and self-attachment. Sometimes it comes with an inner voice, affirming what is purely and authentically you. At other times it could be a feeling or energy that seems to put you into a mode of discovery. These moments, achieved by drawing the outer energy around us... Read More

Pair production

Pair production is the process in nature by which energy is converted into mass. Whenever a natural creation occurs, of any sort, this process occurs. Notable figures like Bohr and Einstein have taken this and other natural processes from nature to try and uncover how the creative process works. Once again, it’s a matter of... Read More


Altering the route we take to view things is the design thinker’s aim. Creating harmony is the skill. The method is to practice moving from the rational analytical left brain to the intuitive right, resulting in a playful tension. How is this possible? Are we limited as a result of certain situations? The start is... Read More

The unknown 2

When we prototype our ideas, it’s like converting imagination into material. This is essentially what prototyping is: a prototype is a first draft model of an idea that we have envisioned. In leadership the first phase of this process involves communicating a personal vision to a few team members with the aim of co-creating a... Read More

The Unknown

What is the inner dance of the mind? When faced with unknowns, our fears naturally stand in front of our access to the information we need. We need to adapt quickly to changes, and this requires a fluid mind. This new fluid mindset needs to be able to switch easily between the intuitive and the... Read More

Being unique

We all have an innate energy, and our ability to maximise and expose it most efficiently is one of the design thinker’s most important processes. Picture this energy inside of you. How do you go about using it? For many of us it is trapped beneath a layer of protection that projects a facade of... Read More

A new framework

Are the problems we face in leadership at all interrelated? Can the solution to one problem be readily applied to next? Do all problems have solutions? Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework identifies five different domains that are used to describe problem situations and responses. Simple: A known situation with a known decision. Complicated: A known situation... Read More


What does ‘thinking differently’ mean to you? Could it involve a shift from a rational mindset to a more intuitive standpoint, or vice versa? Could it involve the inclusion of someone else’s perspective in the decision-making process? How do we tap into that new and altered perspective, allowing for a wider scope? The fundamental formula... Read More

Leading by design

Today, clever leadership is about maintaining a clear direction and creating a positive work climate. This can only happen when leaders are prepared, and walk their talk around the culture they would like to create. Leaders need to know not only their own cultural values, but also have awareness through inquiring, listening and observing the... Read More

Take courage and dream big

Eric Veldhoen writes in his book ‘The Art of Working’ his fascination with the idea that a building does something with people, not only its occupants but also those who have made it. You create something, and then the creation recreates the creator to some extend. He furthers saying that it’s been said that success... Read More

Design thinking Part 1

For anyone dealing with today’s complexities and change, it is essential to learn and allow yourself to be open to seeing different perspectives. To bombard your brain with things it has never encountered before is paramount to create a mind that is flexible. This does not come naturally, since our brain is trained and naturally... Read More
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