10 good reasons

Why work with Irene? There’s more to Irene’s work than just coaching and speaking. Here’s 10 of the many reasons to choose Irene to guide you in developing leaders:
1. Her integrity and experience
She knows her stuff. She has led teams in the fast moving retail and wholesale fashions business and is adept in coaching her clients to realise their potential. She is an entrepreneur, has started and run successful businesses as well as balancing her family commitments. She understands re-balancing from first hand.
2. She walks her talk
Her own process of developing herself as a leader has seen her struggle and thrive with the same issues as her clients. She has been there too and has emerged by unleashing her creativity and compassion.
3. She is a straight talker
It is one characteristic of her Dutch upbringing that she can talk about the elephant in the room. Her ability to be present to the current reality of her clients means she meets them where they are at.
4. The 9 Habits of Design Thinking™
Irene developed this approach to assist people work through the inner journey of leadership. Each of the habits provides practical guidance on the inner game of leadership.
5. She is flexible
Irene will meet with you face-to-face, via skype or online forums.
6. Her ability to manage her energy
Irene has spent many years learning and teaching techniques to assist in managing your energy. She calls it managing your energy housekeeping; to lift and maintain your energy regardless of what is happening around you.
7. Her international perspective
Irene is Dutch born, has worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. She speaks Dutch, French, English fluently and observes with a keen eye.
8. Her intuition
One of the most powerful tools at Irene’s disposal is her intuition. Highly developed and able to hone in on issues with pin point accuracy, this provides great nsights for her clients.
9. She is non-judgemental
Irene’s approach is to meet her clients where they are at. Because there is no judgement, her client build confidence in their own ability to manage and lead.
10. She epitomises creativity
Irene has imagined and created collections of clothes, sculpture, prints, jewellery and a variety of other products. If you want to see more check it out at http://www.irenevanderdoes.com/shop/
For more information check out her testimonials.